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We will be participating in the upcoming ISSA / Interclean show October 19th through the 21st at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas Nevada. Booth # 3746. Booth with feature Sidewinder vacuum tools, vacuum hose, wands, microfiber, and general purpose commercial cleaning accessories.

Results of testing October 8, 2011 utilizing the Sidewinder tools with a commercial canister vacuum.

October 11, 2011

Measurements assume a fixed position for the user.
Area Coverage:

The typical single pass sweep area covered with a traditional 32mm wand set and floor tool is:
14” tool / 24” X 14” / 336 square inches / Assuming a 5% overlap as one sweeps which is very conservative: 319 square inches
12” tool / 24” X 12” / 288 square inches / Assuming a 5% overlap: 270 square inches
10.5” tool / 24” X 12” / 252 square inches / Assuming a 5% overlap: 240 square inches

The Sidewinder tool with 32mm wand set as compared:
15” tool / 78” X 15” / 1170 square inches / Assuming a 5% overlap: 1,110 square inches
18” tool / 78” X 18” / 1404 square inches / Assuming a 5% overlap 1,335 square inches

Standard 14” tool covers 28% of the area of the 15” Sidewinder.
Standard 12” tool covers 24% of the area of the 15” Sidewinder
Standard 10” tool covers 22% of the area of the 15” Sidewinder.

Maximum extension associated with detailing: A standard tool and wand set will reach forward from a fixed position approximately 24” ( .62 meters ) before the tool angles off the floor. The 15” Sidewinder and 32mm wand set will reach forward from a fixed position approximately 48” ( 1.23 meters ) before the tool angles from the floor.

Results moving forward while cleaning. As reported earlier this week we now have several test collaborating the 50% improvement in surface area cleaning with a backpack utilizing the 15” Sidewinder as compared to traditional 14” tools.

In three tests with the Ghibli AS6, 12” tool, and a 3 meter ( 10 foot hose ) in an open area the Sidewinder reduced the time to clean the area by a minimum of 45%. In the other two cases the result was closer to or equaled 50%. Assuming a user with minimal training in the Sidewinders unique motion productivity results in line with those demonstrated on back packs with a canister having an extended hose.

Testing doesn’t indicate the exposure of the tool to the complete floor surface to be identical. The Sidewinder tool pushed flush and slightly angled to the wall exposing more of the tool and air stream to edge cleaning. The carpet tool was less uniform in how it addressed edge cleaning. The angled and slightly open angle of the Sidewinder contact the base board at a height less than half that of the carpet tool reducing visible marking. Proper technique would suggest contact with the base board would be minimal for effective edge cleaning.

Noticed that control of the canister pull was easier. This is due to several reasons. With traditional tools was encouraged to reach behind and capture the hose in m second hand and pull the canister from a point behind and lower to the floor. With the Sidewinder the The hose laid across the upper arm almost at the shoulder so the pull was more uniform and required little thought.

Change of direction. Moving down a hall to a 90 degree turn both the traditional and Sidewinder required a second hand to the hose to control the canister through the turn.

The hose length is more important to easy access cleaning in a some what cluttered space. In a 18 foot ( 5.53 meters )  X 14 foot ( 4.31 meters )office the longer hose permitted the canister to enter into the space no more than 30 inches ( .90 meters )  and even with clutter and furnishings the entire space could be serviced with both the traditional tools and the Sidewinder. While the longer hose permitted both the traditional tool and the Sidewinder complete access detailing in and under desks, around wires on the floor, in narrow spaces, and against edges of furnishing h was easier with the Sidewinder. To access areas reached with the Sidewinder we would be compelled to move furnishings with traditional tools. The traditional tool also required move movement to angle the tool to access spaces,bending down, and reaching while bending.

In a room space open in the center with items against the wall the extended hose length permits cleaning with minimal interference or movement of the canister. Cleaning in a space 20 feet ( 6.15 meter ) by 20 feet ( 6.15 meter )  the traditional 6 foot ( 1.84 meter ) hose required the canister to move in a circle approximately 6 feet ( 1.85 meter ) in diameter to access the full space. With the longer hose the canister could remain stationary and rotate to access the full space. Again the Sidewinders longer wand and resulting extended reach minimized motion for the user. Once again detailing was clearly advantaged with the Sidewinder as was effective cleaning of the space up to the wall.

Conclusions: Assuming a mobile commercial canister with caster front wheels and an extended hose the Sidewinder tool will yield significant productivity gains as compared to tools traditionally provided with this equipment. We now have four independent tests which confirm this productivity improvement to be at or near 50%.

An extended hose offers significant advantages to productivity and as compared to the traditional 6 foot ( 1.8 meter ) hoses assuming one moves forward while cleaning.

Sidewinder will require less user movement including steps, bending, and physical manipulation of the tool than traditional tools.

Use of  Sidewinder would significantly benefit productivity and detailing in hard floor cleaning with central vacuum systems in both domestic and commercial environments.

Ray Storti / Cen-Tec Systems


October 5, 2011

Finally a back pack vacuum designed to be as easy to use as it is to carry. The new Ghibli T1 backpack system weighs less than eleven pounds but the custom designed two piece harness melts the feeling of weight away. By separating the harness you put the weight where it belongs on your associates hips not on the upper back reducing the main objection to back pack cleaning. The simple to connect swivel hose connection directs the hose away from the users head and allows the hose to stay out of the way making it seem almost like it isn’t there. There isn’t a backpack on the market with more filtration options nor one where filter service is easier. Four stage filtration with the option to go all the way to HEPA the T1 protects the user from airborne particulates while cleaning and reduces dust settling back on to surfaces. At 60 db the T1 is quiet and the unique motor exhaust airflow minimizes high frequency noise so it is less annoying. The T1’s complete standard attachment set  completes a backpack solution that makes sense. For further details on the T1 contact your Cen-Tec representative or visit us at:



Flexible Connection

August 24, 2011

Flexible connection solution for popular sweep inlets, between machine and piping, and as a general purpose vacuum hose.

Cen-Tec Systems announces an expansion of their central vacuum related hose range.  The popular 64422 hose  “N” Style ( Super Vac U Flex ) is often used as a flexible connection from piping systems to popular sweep inlets, as a flexible connection between the piping system and the central vacuum , and as a general purpose vacuum hose. This hose features a smooth interior for excellent clog free flow, nylon reinforcement adding both torsion and tensile strength, and a stable diameter at a 6” bend radius making it ideal for under or through cabinet installations. 

Also available from Cen-Tec are our # 04092 stainless worm clamps suitable for a permanent reliable connection of your 64422 hose to typical piping systems or equipment. Both items are in stock and available for immediate shipment. We appreciate consideration given this and other Cen-Tec products visible at:

High Reach Cleaning

August 3, 2011
Cleaning vertical and elevated horizontal surfaces without a ladder or a scissor lift. Cen-Tec Systems has expanded our range of vacuum wand’s to take advantage of the unique design advantage of the Sidewinder tools flexible neck.

For customers with back pack vacuums, commercial vacuums and central vacuums 1.50″ ( 38mm ) we have introduced the 60781 straight aluminum telescopic wand 
permitting your cleaning associate to adjust the wand to the ideal length for comfortable use of the Sidewinder tool’s unique sweeping motion. Compliment the 60781 wand with the 65313 male adaptor make the wand compatible with your 1.50″ ( 38mm ) hose end without restricting the opportunity to stack these extension wands for cleaning vertical and elevated horizontal surfaces. Add the 65225 curved wand to your system and cleaning elevated surfaces comfortably from the floor is achieved. 

Customers with 1.25″ (32mm) backpacks, central vacuums, or dry canister vacuums have the same opportunity to use the Sidewinder tools on vertical and elevated surfaces. Using a combination of wands, 35191 wand, 34509A telescopic wand, and the 49436 swivel connection provides the same flexibility in length for comfortable use of the Sidewinder tool on vertical surfaces. The 36384 curved wand equips your 1.25″ ( 32mm ) system with capability to clean elevated horizontal surfaces at home, office, or factory. 

The solution for cleaning vertical and elevated surfaces are in stock and available for shipment today from Cen-Tec Systems contact us at: or call us toll free at: 800-833-2822

To HEPA or Not To HEPA

July 19, 2011

To HEPA or Not to HEPA…

According to the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), “HEPA filters on vacuum cleaners may not be necessary. Many commercial vacuums are not HEPA Filter units, yet are very effective in dust containment”. Good filter bags capture most harmful particles without HEPA Filtration. HEPA filters often add to the operational cost.

Effective filtration… (again according to CRI), falls within the 1 – 3 Micron range. Cen-Tec’s Green Klean filter media has been independently tested to filter up to 99% efficiency at 1 Micron (using ASTM 1215 test protocol). In some cases this even exceeds the OEM efficiency. Most particles smaller than 10 Micron are invisible to the human eye.

Always change the filter bag when it is 1/2 to 2/3 full. This will allow sufficient free air flow for the vacuum to maintain suction. Over filling a bag can … Reduce suction … Cause Damage to the Vacuum … Cause the bag to Break. Reusing a filter bag will also cause problems. The pores of a vacuum bag capture smaller particles and cannot be cleaned out by simply “emptying” the bag. For best performance, always use a new bag.

Another reason to always change vacuum bags is because a used bag is a great place for mold and bacteria to grow.

Using Cen-Tec Green Klean replacement bags which have better filtration, can mean longer secondary filter life, longer HEPA (when used) filter life, less time dusting and cleaner air.

Clean with Confidence – always specify Cen-Tec Green Klean replacement paper bags and filters.


July 19, 2011

Microfiber cleaning products offer a revolutionary eco-friendly way of cleaning faster, easier, and at the same time lowering the cost of effective cleaning. Microfiber picks up and traps dirt, dust, and grease particles inside the unique micro fine threads and holds the debris until washed. Microfiber consists of very fine threads of polyester and polyimide that are structured to form a single thread. The design provides an increase in the overall surface areas making Dust-Up™ microfiber products dirt magnets and significantly increasing their absorbency of liquids.

Today consumers are selecting more hard floor surfaces for their new homes and often replacing carpet with these surfaces when they remodel. Natural surfaces like wood, stone, tile, and ceramics encourage the floor care industry to redefine their offerings to reflect the unique cleaning problems posed by these surfaces. Microfiber can play a significant role in developing a complete cleaning solution for your customers floors. Other surfaces like counter tops, mirrors, windows, and walls also benefit from microfiber use. Broadening the need for cleaning all surfaces in the home offers the retailer opportunities to build on their traditional floor care business.

Dust-Up™ microfiber products offer chemical free cleaning and polishing solutions for all natural and man-made hard surfaces. By engineering the microfiber to match the surface needs you minimize the need for using cleaning chemicals providing the ultimate in green cleaning. Clean dark wood surfaces in a single pass, polish glass or tile surfaces with a mist of clean water, lift foot prints from hardwood floors without chemicals or the use of throw away pads. It saves your customers time and money. Proper care preserves the electro-static properties of your Dust-Up™ microfiber through hundreds of repeated washings saving you money and the inconvenience of purchasing paper towels, dusting wands, throw away pads, and cleaning chemicals.

Microfibers are designed for non-abrasive cleaning. Fine furnishings, granite counter tops, and your hard wood floor are cleaned with a soft cloth designed to capture dust not push it around. The Dust-Up™ Glass and Granite cloth and Dust-Up™ Mitt provide a no streak sheen to your hard surfaces as they lift off surface dust. The commercial quality Dust-Up™ Convex Hard Floor Tool with stainless telescopic pole makes cleaning any hard floor surface remarkably easy. The unique convex shape insures the whole pad surface is utilized not
just the edges like many flat panel designs.

A fine mist of water releases even stuck on dirt helping you avoid the chemical residue left on floor surfaces by traditional wet mopping or pad cleaners. Microfiber is ideal for surfaces all over the home. Walls, floors, counter tops, surfaces both high and low. Your car or motorcycle will benefit from the lint free polishing of microfiber.

High quality point of purchase packaging permits the customer to self shop increasing purchases and sales yield from your wall or cart display.


July 19, 2011

The patented Sidewinder design allows for a comfortable standing position as one cleans, reducing back strain while increasing productivity three fold. The unique patented neck design details deep tight spaces like those found along file cabinets and behind desks where normal tools can’t access. The long tapered ends pass well under low shelves, chairs, or desks reaching and cleaning surfaces normally requiring time consuming furniture moving.