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July 19, 2011

Microfiber cleaning products offer a revolutionary eco-friendly way of cleaning faster, easier, and at the same time lowering the cost of effective cleaning. Microfiber picks up and traps dirt, dust, and grease particles inside the unique micro fine threads and holds the debris until washed. Microfiber consists of very fine threads of polyester and polyimide that are structured to form a single thread. The design provides an increase in the overall surface areas making Dust-Up™ microfiber products dirt magnets and significantly increasing their absorbency of liquids.

Today consumers are selecting more hard floor surfaces for their new homes and often replacing carpet with these surfaces when they remodel. Natural surfaces like wood, stone, tile, and ceramics encourage the floor care industry to redefine their offerings to reflect the unique cleaning problems posed by these surfaces. Microfiber can play a significant role in developing a complete cleaning solution for your customers floors. Other surfaces like counter tops, mirrors, windows, and walls also benefit from microfiber use. Broadening the need for cleaning all surfaces in the home offers the retailer opportunities to build on their traditional floor care business.

Dust-Up™ microfiber products offer chemical free cleaning and polishing solutions for all natural and man-made hard surfaces. By engineering the microfiber to match the surface needs you minimize the need for using cleaning chemicals providing the ultimate in green cleaning. Clean dark wood surfaces in a single pass, polish glass or tile surfaces with a mist of clean water, lift foot prints from hardwood floors without chemicals or the use of throw away pads. It saves your customers time and money. Proper care preserves the electro-static properties of your Dust-Up™ microfiber through hundreds of repeated washings saving you money and the inconvenience of purchasing paper towels, dusting wands, throw away pads, and cleaning chemicals.

Microfibers are designed for non-abrasive cleaning. Fine furnishings, granite counter tops, and your hard wood floor are cleaned with a soft cloth designed to capture dust not push it around. The Dust-Up™ Glass and Granite cloth and Dust-Up™ Mitt provide a no streak sheen to your hard surfaces as they lift off surface dust. The commercial quality Dust-Up™ Convex Hard Floor Tool with stainless telescopic pole makes cleaning any hard floor surface remarkably easy. The unique convex shape insures the whole pad surface is utilized not
just the edges like many flat panel designs.

A fine mist of water releases even stuck on dirt helping you avoid the chemical residue left on floor surfaces by traditional wet mopping or pad cleaners. Microfiber is ideal for surfaces all over the home. Walls, floors, counter tops, surfaces both high and low. Your car or motorcycle will benefit from the lint free polishing of microfiber.

High quality point of purchase packaging permits the customer to self shop increasing purchases and sales yield from your wall or cart display.

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