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High Reach Cleaning

August 3, 2011
Cleaning vertical and elevated horizontal surfaces without a ladder or a scissor lift. Cen-Tec Systems has expanded our range of vacuum wand’s to take advantage of the unique design advantage of the Sidewinder tools flexible neck.

For customers with back pack vacuums, commercial vacuums and central vacuums 1.50″ ( 38mm ) we have introduced the 60781 straight aluminum telescopic wand 
permitting your cleaning associate to adjust the wand to the ideal length for comfortable use of the Sidewinder tool’s unique sweeping motion. Compliment the 60781 wand with the 65313 male adaptor make the wand compatible with your 1.50″ ( 38mm ) hose end without restricting the opportunity to stack these extension wands for cleaning vertical and elevated horizontal surfaces. Add the 65225 curved wand to your system and cleaning elevated surfaces comfortably from the floor is achieved. 

Customers with 1.25″ (32mm) backpacks, central vacuums, or dry canister vacuums have the same opportunity to use the Sidewinder tools on vertical and elevated surfaces. Using a combination of wands, 35191 wand, 34509A telescopic wand, and the 49436 swivel connection provides the same flexibility in length for comfortable use of the Sidewinder tool on vertical surfaces. The 36384 curved wand equips your 1.25″ ( 32mm ) system with capability to clean elevated horizontal surfaces at home, office, or factory. 

The solution for cleaning vertical and elevated surfaces are in stock and available for shipment today from Cen-Tec Systems contact us at: or call us toll free at: 800-833-2822

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