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October 5, 2011

Finally a back pack vacuum designed to be as easy to use as it is to carry. The new Ghibli T1 backpack system weighs less than eleven pounds but the custom designed two piece harness melts the feeling of weight away. By separating the harness you put the weight where it belongs on your associates hips not on the upper back reducing the main objection to back pack cleaning. The simple to connect swivel hose connection directs the hose away from the users head and allows the hose to stay out of the way making it seem almost like it isn’t there. There isn’t a backpack on the market with more filtration options nor one where filter service is easier. Four stage filtration with the option to go all the way to HEPA the T1 protects the user from airborne particulates while cleaning and reduces dust settling back on to surfaces. At 60 db the T1 is quiet and the unique motor exhaust airflow minimizes high frequency noise so it is less annoying. The T1’s complete standard attachment set  completes a backpack solution that makes sense. For further details on the T1 contact your Cen-Tec representative or visit us at:



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